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Friday, January 11, 2013

How to handle a problem

Problem solving can be a skill that some are born with. Unfortunately, many people have trouble handling problems that come up, whether serious issues or daily conflicts. Here are a few tricks to thinking your way through everyday problems and issues.


  1. Make sure you understand the problem completely. If you really assess the situation and pay attention to the actual issue, you can handle it relatively easily by keeping an open mind .
  2. Get as much information as you can in order to make an informed decision about the problem. If the problem doesn't require a decision, it's important you still learn as much as you can.
  3. Talk to people in your support group such as friends, family, co-workers, other parents, etc. Try to keep emotions out of it and talk facts. Try to remain as practical and fair as possible.
  4. Ask questions and get as many details as possible. Find out both sides if there is more than one person involved. Chances are there are always hidden facts and sometimes knowing all the facts will help the problem solve itself
  5. Take time. You may be rushed to make an immediate decision but it's alright to tell them to give you time to make a decision. Tell them you need to think it through.


Monday, January 7, 2013

نزار قباني

حين أكون بحالة عشق

أشعر أني صرت بوزن الريشة

أني أمشي فوق الغيم ..

وأسرق ضوء الشمس ..

واصطاد الأقمار

حين أكون بحالة عشق ..

أشعر أن العالم أضحى وطني

وبإمكاني أن أجتاز البحر

وأعبر آلاف الأنهار

وبإمكاني ..

أن أتنقل دون جواز

كالكلمات ... وكالأفكار ..

حتى تكون حبيبتي

يذهب خوفي ..

يذهب ضعفي ..

أشعر أني بين رجال الأرض الأقوى

أترك عقدي الأولى خلفي

أهتف باسمك

أدخل كل مقاهي العالم

مقهى .. مقهى

أخبر عمال الطرقات ..

وأخبر ركاب الباصات ..

وأخبر أزهار الشرفات ..

وأخبر حتى النمل

وحتى النحل

وحتى قطط الشارع

أني أهوى ..

أني أهوى ..

أني أهوى ..

أشراقة الغد أقتربت

أشراقة الغد أقتربت فنحن لها منتظرون.

وقفه شكر و تقدير لكل من اراد التغير.

و قد ان الاوان لكي تعمل على حلمك الان.

لا يوجد شيء صعب و لكن لكل مجتهد مكان.

اعمل على حلمك و ان شاء المولى سوف تحققه.

اعمل و اصبر فبالصبر كل شيء متاح.

Hello World

Hey world i just want to ask you some questions why i can't understand you why i can't only believe you.

Hey world i just want to make you attention to what you did on me because you heart me when you becomes unfair with me.

My last world to you is BYE BYE world.